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Quality Assurance

Reliance Technologies is committed to provide products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements. To accomplish this, Reliance uses a vast number of work instructions (drawings, procedures) and forms which serve to control, monitor, and continuously improve all aspects of the company. This means that all facets of design, manufacturing, inspection, assembly, test and qualification as well as every other product or service related activity performed at Reliance are specified and controlled under a comprehensive Quality Assurance System.

As an example, this Quality System ensures among other things that:

  • All personnel are trained in their duties.
  • All inspection, measuring and testing equipment is calibrated.
  • All parts and components are subject to inspection.
  • All nonconformance's are recorded and dispositioned.
  • All products and components are readily identifiable and traceable.
  • Suppliers are continually evaluated and approved. "Know thy vendor and his product" is an underlying company theme.
In support of our continuous quality assurance requirements, we request that the following questionnaire to be completed by quality assurance personnel or any company representative.

Company Name:*
Postal Code:
Company primary product / service:*
Please Check: Distributor Broker Repair Facility
Number of employees:
Years established:
President / CEO:
Vice President:
Quality Control:
1. Has the company developed a Quality Assurance system? Yes No
2. .Has the QA system been audited and approved by a third party ? If yes, specify QA Accreditation Yes No
3. Is this program understood and implemented at all levels of the organization? Yes No
4. Is the QA system reviewed by management on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness? Yes No
5. Does the company maintain an up to date Quality Manual? Yes No
6. Are internal / external audits scheduled and performed on a regular basis? Yes No
7. Are noncompliances documented and corrective actions taken? Yes No
8. Are Quality documents available to personnel involved with Quality Assurance? Yes No
9. Do procedures exist for the retention and maintenance of all Quality records? Yes No
10. Does a training Program exist for all functions that effect Quality? Yes No
11. Are all incoming shipments subjected to QA inspection by qualified personnel? Yes No
12. Are all outgoing shipments subjected to QA inspection by qualified personnel? Yes No
13. Are all shipments identified and traceable through receiving, processing, stock, and delivery? Yes No
14. Do procedures exist to prevent damage or deterioration by improper handling? Yes No
15. Do procedures exist for identity, segregate, and dispose of nonconforming material? Yes No
Verification Code:*

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